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Wood shakes and shingles are a popular choice of roofing material for homeowners who are looking to give their home a unique look. Because wood shakes and shingles are natural materials, they need a certain amount of maintenance to keep degradation at bay. In general, wood roofs require more maintenance than other types of roofs; this can be difficult for some homeowners who may not have the time. If homeowners still want to have a wood roof installed, a Stamford roofing contractor can provide information about how to maintain the roof.

No matter what type of roof a home has, homeowners should be diligent about trimming back overhanging branches and cleaning off organic debris that accumulates on the roof. This is especially important for wooden roofs. If organic materials are left to decompose on a wood roof, the shingle or shakes themselves may contract wood rot or begin to grow mold. Not only can this be avoided by simply cleaning the debris off the roof, but that debris will not end up in the gutter system.

If moss or lichen does begin to grow on the wood roof, it needs to be removed.

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Homeowners can scrape the moss and lichen away and wash the area with solution made from 1 ounce of detergent, 1 quart of bleach and 3 quarts of warm water. Moss and lichen can retain water, so removing this potential hazard can potentially prevent leaks and water damage. If moss and lichen appear to be a recurring problem, a strip of zinc or copper can be applied at the roof ridge. As water runs down the roof, it will carry trace amounts of the metals, effectively stopping moss and lichen from growing.

There are some preventative treatments that can be applied to make the shingles and shakes more resistant to decay. Waterborne treatments such as Cunapsol 5 can reduce the amount of moss and lichen that may grow but will do nothing to stop the overall degradation of the shakes and shingles. Oilborne treatments actually act as a preservative and slow the decay process. Oilbased stains can also provide temporary protection by depositing a layer of pigment over the shakes or shingles.

When wood roofs are properly maintained, they can outlast asphalt roofs and sometimes even metal roofs. While regular maintenance will certainly keep the roof in good condition for many years to come, an expert roofer should still provide regular inspections to catch any problems that may be forming before they shorten the roof's potential lifespan.

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