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Stamford Roofing: Article About Winter Roofing Dangers

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Most contractors are only available to work during the spring, summer and fall months. While it might seem counterintuitive to turn down a paying customer, the fact is that it can be difficult and dangerous to do any sort of winter roofing. In most cases, the degree of difficulty and the danger is not worth the money to do the job.

Homeowners may also want to wait until the winter is over to have a roof repaired or replaced because the quality of the installation may be poor. This is because cold winds and temperatures below freezing make materials hard and brittle, which could lead to shingles buckling or blowing off the roof. If it becomes necessary to scrape snow or ice off of the roof, it could take off any protective coating that a shingle may have. That would leave it vulnerable in future winters and could exacerbate any issue that it already has.

However, it may be possible to call a Stamford roofing professional during the winter months for an estimate or to schedule service for the spring. As lead times may be lengthy, scheduling a project in advance may help get it done sooner. Depending on the severity of the previous winter season, it could be several weeks before a contractor can start on a homeowner's roof if a call isn't made soon enough.

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Why is it so dangerous to work on a roof during the winter months? First, the roof itself may be wet with snow and slush that accumulates and may not melt due to low temperatures. Patchy ice may make it almost impossible to gain a foothold if walking on the structure is necessary to make a repair.

Second, it may not be possible to find a firm surface to place a ladder needed to get onto the roof. It could shift or wobble if put into muddy or snowy ground. In the event that the ground is frozen, trying to climb a ladder would be like trying to walk across an ice rink on stilts.

Finally, the wind chill could become dangerously cold, which would put the workers at risk for hypothermia. Even if workers are wearing several layers, spending just a few minutes outside when the wind blows could lead to frostbite. Therefore, it may be difficult to find workers who are willing to help on a job site even if the owner of a company is willing to do it.

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