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There are many advantages to installing a metal roof on a home. Not only are they energy efficient, they last longer than traditional asphalt roofs when they are properly maintained. However, some metal roofs can be compromised if they begin to rust or corrode. In order to prevent this, there are many different types of coatings that can be applied that will lengthen the lifespan and increase the integrity of the metal roofs. To determine what type of coating may be best for a particular roof, homeowners should discuss their options with an expert Stamford roofing contractor.

Anticorrosive coatings are made with several finishes: zinc, aluminum and a combination of aluminum and zinc. These coatings are usually applied to the metal during the manufacturing process. The zinc coating is usually applied to galvanized steel roofs. As the zinc slowly melts away, the underlying metal is protected against rust. Aluminum coatings become a physical barrier that does not allow the metal to rust. The coatings made from a combination of zinc and aluminum melt and provides a physical barrier.

Paint coatings may also be used to add another layer of protection. These coatings may also be applied for aesthetic purposes. Warranties for paint coatings often last three to five years if it is applied during the manufacturing process.

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However, silconized polyesters are more durable and may last between 10 and 20 years. Fluorocarbon paints are also extremely durable and can last about 20 years.

Finally, maintenance coatings are coatings that may be applied to the metal roof after the factory applied coatings have lost some of their thickness and protective capabilities. These coatings are available in a variety of colors, many of which reflect UV sunlight. Depending on the quality of the coatings, the warranties can last between one and 10 years. The coatings should have very similar qualities to the factory applied coatings.

By providing regular maintenance and having the metal recoated as needed, the lifespan of the metal roof should last far longer than if it is simply left alone. If a professional roofing contractor regularly inspects the metal roof, he or she may be able to identify if the factory applied coating or the maintenance coating is no longer providing adequate protection. The roofer may also help find the right coating to use on a particular roof depending on that roof's condition and the coating that was applied at the factory.

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