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Commercial and residential properties often feature different designs and serve different functions. Both types of buildings also have varying types of roofs. Though some business owners design and construct buildings that look like homes as a way to make customers feel more comfortable, others know that those roofs often require more in the way of maintenance and that repairs to those roofs are often more expensive. Whether building a new office or retail space from the ground up or hiring a Stamford roofing company for an inspection, commercial property owners often want to know the names of some of the common roof types and what those roofs look like.

The most common type of roof found on a commercial building is a flat roof. As the name implies, this type of roof is completely flat. Some designers use Built Up Roofing, also known as BUR, on a flat roof. A BUR is a type of roof that includes multiple layers of tar paper on top of the membrane and supports. This allows the roof to look flat from the ground but actually has a slight slope that allows water to run off the roof.

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Office buildings and larger commercial structures often feature flat roofs.

Two alternatives to flat designs are mansard and terrace roofs. A terrace design still features a flat surface but has a balustrade or railing that surrounds the space. Often found on hotels, this gives the business more useable space. Mansard roofs walk the line between hipped and flat designs. The roof has a flat surface on top and four or more panels along the edges that slope away from the building and towards the flat space.

Some property owners prefer the look of a trough roof. This roof looks like a large uppercase "V" and has a deep valley in the center. Commercial buildings with gable or hipped roofs may also feature elements that create one or more valleys.

Another type of commercial roof is a bow roof, which is more commonly found on industrial businesses, hospitals and manufacturing complexes. Structures placed inside and on top of the building support the weight of the roof, which resembles a large arch. Some buildings may feature multiple arches with valleys between each arch. These roofs do a good job of preventing standing water and other types of water damage. Commercial buildings may also feature a pitched, rainbow, pyramidal, conical or barrel roof.

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