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All too common is the story of a homeowner who spends thousands of dollars on a roof only to have it need repair or replacement 12 to 15 years later. Many Stamford roofing professionals will agree that a common contradiction happens within the housing industry when differing contractors attempt to negotiate a balance between building codes that require a home to be both energy efficient and have a properly installed roof. Why does a roof that has been properly and professionally installed require replacement roughly a decade too early? Often, the culprit behind the damage is a lack of ventilation.

A large number of homeowners don't think much about roof ventilation. However, the importance of a well ventilated roof cannot be understated for numerous reasons. Often, a home that follows standards of ventilation will leave a home being virtually airtight with little options for air and moisture to escape a home. This results in a trapping of air that eventually affects a roof and the entirety of a home as well.

When air is trapped inside a home, air is recycled, and moisture levels continually build up.

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With nowhere to go, moisture is locked into a home, leading to condensation on windows, mold problems and potential roofing failures caused by wood rot or ice dams. Aside from having windows open year round, which would defeat the purpose of energy efficiency, the only answer to such a moisture problem is roofing ventilation.

While it may seem counter intuitive from an energy perspective to install ventilation in a roof, it could be viewed as necessary for the overall health of a home. On average, it is normal for a household to produce 4 to 5 pounds of water vapor per day, the same thing as filling a gallon container and splashing it about the insides of a home's attic. This condensation continually builds until plywood sheeting of a roof begins to expand, buckle and delaminate. Eventually, this will lead to reduced nail holding power, stress cracks due to unstable decking materials and wind damage due to an uneven roofing deck.

Ultimately, the answer to remedying such problems is a simple one. For any homeowner looking to avoid the issues caused by recycled air moisture, a roofing ventilation system is the only way to go. On the bright side, once installed, they are a relatively inexpensive and convenient way to extend the life of and cool a home and its roof.

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