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Though the vast majority of homeowners choose asphalt roofing materials, there are other roofing options that Stamford roofing contractors offer. Some of these, like steel tiles, are high end products that are built up by layering different materials. For example, the center of these tiles is steel, but depending on the manufacturer, there also may be other metal layers, plastic or fiberglass. Some brands even have stone in them. These layers are used to make the tiles more beautiful and can be made to look like slate, wood or clay tiles.

Steel tiles come in a variety of colors, and homeowners can choose the color and design that matches their home. Some of the newest steel tiles have paint actually baked into the layers, which helps to make the color deeper and longer lasting. This is ideal since these tiles can last well over 50 years, and many homeowners will find they can last for more than a century.

Though the initial cost of steel tiles is more expensive than other roofing products, but there is a reason for this. First, steel is extremely strong but also lightweight, so a homeowner can put them on almost any home. These tiles are also resistant to fire, insects and extreme weather.

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Steel is also a type of reflective roofing, which helps to keep energy bills down. For those who are concerned about the environment, recycled steel tiles are available, and when the tiles are removed from the home, they can be recycled, too.

The installation of steel tile roofs is also a bit more expensive than installing asphalt shingles, but there is also a reason for that. The edging and cutting of steel tiles is a skilled job, so it requires a highly trained person to make them. They must be careful not to scratch or damage the tiles, and if these tiles are installed incorrectly, they can begin to degrade. There are some steel tile roofing materials that interlock, which makes the installation easier, but the insulation used under the roof could further complicate insulation.

Homeowners can walk on a steel roof, unlike other materials, but should always use caution. In general, steep tiles are low maintenance but may need paint after a few years. Most of these roofs come with a warranty of about 50 years, so with longevity of the roof itself, only the paint is the main issue.

However, just because these are high quality roofs, this does not mean that the owner should neglect inspections or maintenance. As with other roofing materials, experts recommend a professional inspection every two to three years.

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