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When it comes time to build or remodel a home, choosing siding is a decision that requires a homeowner to weigh the practical and aesthetic benefits of available options. Vinyl, cedar clapboard, composite and other siding materials all have appealing qualities, but what is ideal for one homeowner often isn't for another. Before calling on a Stamford roofing specialist for siding installation, it is best for any homeowner to develop an understanding of the positives and negatives of each to ensure the most ideal material is ultimately selected.

Vinyl siding has become one of the most popular options for new home construction as many find the cost efficiency and ease of maintenance to be particularly appealing. Vinyl does not need to be painted or stained every few years, and the use of a high quality material should provide more than adequate protection against inclement weather. While aesthetics most frequently are cited with this type of siding, the products now available offer sufficient visual appeal, especially when properly installed. While vinyl does require cleanings along with regular maintenance, these tasks are relatively simple for any homeowner to perform.

As a more traditional option, cedar clapboard is known as an exceptionally durable material that offers significant protection against the elements. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and is wind resistant, but the obvious aesthetic appeal leads many homeowners to select this material.

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When properly maintained, cedar and other types of wood siding can last an incredibly long time, but the level of maintenance required is far greater than that of a vinyl or composite option. Cedar must be cleaned and finished regularly, but many homeowners consider this a small price to pay for maintaining the exceptional beauty of the siding.

Composite siding is one way that homeowners can attempt to balance the ease of maintenance of vinyl with the appearance of cedar as this siding comes in a variety of designs and patterns that resemble wood. This type of siding is composed of a blend of materials and tends to be thicker than vinyl. Therefore it is more energy efficient, but it is important to understand the specific materials used in the composite blend.

The most appealing option will ultimately depend on the individual preference of the homeowner. Each material has varying degrees of durability, longevity and energy efficiency, and the visual appeal of the siding will likely play a prominent role as well. Homeowners should evaluate their priorities while also considering any budgetary restraints in making a decision on the ideal siding material for their home.

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