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Gutters protect homes in numerous ways, including reducing maintenance costs for siding and keeping those who live inside and their possessions dry. Many homeowners don't realize, however, that not all gutters are created equal, and they will be able to tell the difference in performance between sectional and seamless gutters.

Gutters were originally sold in pieces so that contractors could put them together along the length of roofs, connecting each section with sealant. This allowed for the pieces to be mass produced because they could be sized and connected to fit any length of roof. However, a new gutter system was eventually created. Rather than putting the gutters together, seamless gutters come as one piece that is molded to the length required to fit from one stretch of a roof to the other. This means that there are only seams at both sides of the corners. Stamford roofing contractors have the experience and equipment to handle the installation of seamless gutter systems.

The biggest benefit that comes with seamless gutters is the reduced chance of leaks when it rains. With seams only appearing at joints and fasteners, there are fewer places for water to leak through. Even well sealed sectionals can wear down over time, creating an opening for water leaks that can result in puddles and trenches around the foundation of a home, which can cause structural damage.

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Seamless gutters reduce this risk. They also reduce the risk of twigs, leaves and other debris becoming trapped in the joints and fasteners. In turn, this lessens the likelihood of the gutters becoming blocked, and it means that less maintenance and cleaning is required compared to sectionals.

Another benefit of seamless gutters is that they are more attractive than sectionals and provide better curbside appeal. Lower grade and sectional systems can look like afterthoughts, as though they were just tacked onto the eaves. Seamless systems, however, are customized for each roof so that they fit exactly and blend perfectly with the soffits and fascias of the homes. They are also available in wide variety of colors and have an enamel finish, so they don't have to be painted.

Seamless gutters can be made from aluminum, vinyl or steel. Galvanized steel gutters are more resistant to denting, creasing and other damage. To install seamless gutters, roofers generally measure from one corner of the roof to the other and use a machine to cut the specific amount of material. Then, they lift the gutter material into place and fasten it to the eaves with hangers and nails.

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