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Because it can be dangerous for homeowners to routinely clean out the gutters, some people look for ways to keep organic materials out while still allowing water in. Gutter guards or water managing systems can provide some benefits. However, these types of management systems have some disadvantages to them. A Stamford roofing contractor may assist with water management systems by determining what will work best for a particular home.

There are certain types of gutter guards that take up space in the gutter. These types of guards, which include bristle brush guards, sponges and thick meshes, take up space within the gutter itself. While these types of guards reduce the amount of organic debris that can enter the gutter, they also vastly reduce the amount of water that the gutter can handle. In some cases, the guard can take up 80 percent of the gutter, potentially reducing its ability to handle downpours or sudden showers. The other problem is that these guards tend to capture the organic material. If the material is not removed by the homeowner, it eventually meshes together and prevents any water from getting into the gutters.

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Other types of gutter guards sit on top of the gutter but have holes that allow the water to get through. These products are usually made from wire, aluminum or mesh. They suffer similar problems to guards that actually sit in the gutters because they create a space for organic debris to mesh together. If the debris is not removed in a timely fashion, the water cannot enter the gutter and will simply run off the roof as if there were no gutter system at all.

Dome systems are designed so that organic debris slides off the roof while the water flows into the gutter. Many of these designs have a slight overhang that allows the water to hug the edge of the roof until it lands in the gutter. However, the organic debris does not hug the roof edge and simply falls to the ground. This type of gutter guard tends to work the best overall; however, some do not work as well due to materials that may not be as high quality or poor design.

Ultimately, the gutter system will need some regular maintenance regardless of whether or not gutter guards have been utilized. If the homeowner cannot regularly clean out the gutters themselves, a roofer may make appointments to come out and safely remove organic debris.

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