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Warranties for roofs protect homeowners from having to pay for repairs or roof replacements soon after installing a new roof. Comprehensive warranties cover roofs under most circumstances, including product defects and wind resistance. However, factors outside of the manufacturer's or installer's control like fire are usually not covered by a warranty. Mixing components from different manufacturers can void the warranty as well. An experienced, honest Stamford roofing professional can give people more information about available roofing warranties.

Manufacturer's warranties, also called shingle warranties, protect against defects in the roofing materials that might cause them to break down or fail before they should. Many warranties offer 30 or even 50 years of coverage. A longer warranty is a sign of a durable, well made roofing material. Many roof manufacturing companies will send an independent inspector to make sure that the roof was installed properly. The warranty won't become active until the inspector approves the contractor's work.

Many skilled roofing contractors also offer workmanship warranties to cover the roof installation. These types of warranties usually last about 10 years. However, a workmanship warranty usually contains some kind of clause stating that it's only valid if the contractor who issued it is the only one to work on the roof. Homeowners could void their workmanship warranty by using another company to clean or repair their roof or by doing it themselves.

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Sometimes, the manufacturer's and workmanship warranties can overlap. However, some warranties won't pay for general deterioration or failure of the roof to last the length of the warranty if it's not caused by defects. You can buy an extended manufacturer's warranty for extra protection. They usually cover all roof removal and replacement costs, including materials, labor and disposal.

Homeowners should make sure to learn what their roofing warranty covers before they need to use it. Some companies only offer replacement parts, not compensation. Warranties can also be prorated, which means that compensation could be reduced based on how many years have passed since the roof was installed.

Notify the manufacturer about any damage as soon as possible. Many companies only give people a limited amount of time to file a claim. People should always keep roofing documents and receipts in case they're needed for a warranty issue in the future. Some roof warranties require proof of regular maintenance for any compensation. Keeping good records of regular maintenance also makes selling a home much easier by reassuring buyers that no unexpected repairs will be needed.

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