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Regular roof inspections should be performed by a trained professional. A Stamford roofing expert will be able to spot trouble areas and find solutions faster and with greater accuracy than any DIY job. To protect the investment a roof represents, homeowners should schedule at least one inspection a year.

Inspectors will start the search outside by scanning the roof from the ground. This helps them zero in on potential trouble areas as well as search for obvious signs of damage. Missing or loose shingles are a definite sign something is wrong. They also make note of any protrusions such as vents, skylights and chimneys. These, along with the valleys, are where most of the flashing will be located, which makes them the next likely source of leaks.

With a focus area determined, the inspector will go through the attic checking all of the spots noted previously. Any signs of water damage or condensation alert them that the spot is likely in need of repair. There are a few common causes of leaks in a roof that must be investigated to determine which one is the culprit.

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Aside from damaged tile, penetrations from plumbing and ventilation are the most common place for leaks to form. The sealant used to close the hole may have degraded or come loose. The flashing used around this and other protrusions can become loose or damaged and cause a leak as well.

Flashing is also found on the ridge and in the valleys of a roof. Corroded or damaged flashing is another leading cause of leaky roofs. The information from the early parts of the inspection help the contractor to know where the flashing may be failing.

Damaged shingles can come from winds, hail, trees or walking on the roof. Anywhere shingles have cracked or torn can allow water to seep between the layers and soak through the decking below. Unsealed fasteners or even older ones that are wearing out provide water with easy access to the area below the waterproof barrier. A trained inspector can trace the leak back to its source and, in some cases, repair it the same day.

It is fairly simple to spot a missing shingle from the yard of any home. Professional inspectors bring to the table the ability to quickly and correctly diagnose any roofing problem. They will not only find the source of any problems, but they can also provide an estimate for repairs.

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