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Metal roofing has seen a boom in popularity over the past two decades, and for good reason. It is a long lasting and durable material that fits very well on many contemporary commercial and residential buildings. The materials and styles used in metal roofing have come a long way from the old corrugated sheets used to cover old barns or cabins. Contemporary metal roofs are technologically advanced, stylish and can fit with a multitude of structures and designs. Choosing the right material and design for a building can be a challenge, but a Stamford roofing contractor can help a building owner make these important decisions.

Steel and aluminum are economical choices for metal roofing, and they are by far the most widely used materials. These materials hold paint and other finishes well. Aluminum does not rust, but it is soft and prone to denting. Steel is sturdier, but it is more vulnerable to moisture and rust if the finish is scratched or scraped away.

The high end choices for metal roofing include various alloys or precious metals such as copper. While it may be inordinately expensive to construct an entire roof out of a material like copper, the roof may benefit from copper accents to enhance its overall beauty and appeal.

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In addition to its aesthetic qualities, copper does not easily corrode.

Once the material is chosen, the style of roofing is the next important decision. Metal roofs can be applied in two distinct styles. A modern style, and the one more commonly associated with metal roofs, is the panel style. It may also be called a standing seam roof. This type of roof involves laying large metal panels that have raised ribs every 6 to 12 inches. This style seeks to capture the modern aesthetic of the metal roof and makes no effort to hide its qualities.

A more conservative style of metal roofing involves laying metal shingles. This style often attempts to imitate other roof materials and hide the fact that the roof is metal. The metal is often treated with various topcoats, such as granulated stone, to further hide the appearance of metal. This style allows the many advantages of metal roofing to be applied to homes or older buildings that would not benefit from the true appearance of a metal roof. The biggest drawback to using metal shingles with topcoats is the possibility that the coating will wear off. Walking on the roof or sweeping debris can also damage the surface.

No matter which style or material is chosen, a metal roof can provide long lasting and dependable protection to any home.

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