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All roofs need regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. If the roof is not properly maintained, its estimated lifespan can be cut short and cause the homeowner to have to replace the roof earlier than anticipated. Because asphalt shingle roofs are only expected to last between 12 and 20 years with proper maintenance, a homeowner could be looking at a replacement shortly after going through the installation process if they do not provide the maintenance the roof needs. A Stamford roofing contractor can instruct a homeowner on how to care for the roof.

Removing leaves and garbage from the roof is one of the most important things that needs to be done regularly. If this is not done, the debris can make its way into the gutters when it rains. If enough debris ends up in the gutter and clogs it, water can potentially soak underneath the shingles and cause water damage in the attic insulation, in the walls and in the ceilings. It is recommended that debris be removed in the early spring and in the late fall after the leaves have stopped falling. Additionally, debris should be removed after major storms have passed through.

A brief visual inspection of the roof shingles, flashing and gutters should be completed every so often.

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Look for areas on the roof where the shingles may be missing, are cracked or have curled. This can indicate that damage has occurred to the roof, and it is likely that water has gotten inside. The flashing should not be showing signs of corrosion. The gutters should not have any dents or split seams. If possible, the gutter itself should be checked for any accumulation of debris and for any shingle granules that may have fallen off the roof.

Finally, any overgrown tree branches should be trimmed back away from the roof. This will keep the amount of organic debris that can fall from the trees onto the roof. Additionally, trimming back large branches could reduce the risk of damage caused by heavy branches that may fall in severe wind, rain or hail storms.

In addition to regular maintenance provided by the homeowner, a roofing contractor should be scheduled to come out and inspect the roof every two to three years. This way, any major repairs that may extend the roof's estimated life can be completed in a timely manner. Additionally, these inspections may reveal damage that may have been missed by the homeowner.

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