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Commercial buildings can range in shape and size from a small office building with a flat roof to a large skyscraper with a peaked roof. Those who own these buildings often find themselves facing costly repair bills for preventable problems. Though the shape and type of roof might vary from building to building, one thing remains constant: all roofs require general maintenance. A Stamford roofing company can help commercial property owners understand the importance of proper maintenance and work out a routine schedule for cleaning and inspecting the property.

Connecticut experiences harsher winters than other parts of the country do, which is why experts often recommend that building owners hire a roofing company for an inspection every spring. As most commercial buildings feature some type of flat or low roof, the winters can wreak havoc on those roofs.

The buildup of snow and ice can exert enough pressure that the weight breaks through both the shingles and the underlayment. Another common problem is an ice dam, which forms when moisture consistently freezes and thaws on the roof or sides of the building. This can also cause damage to the drip edge and keep the edge from doing its job. When the drip edge cannot successfully hold the melting water, it can come loose from the building and drag down any neighboring downspouts or gutters.

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Many people worry that maintenance is too expensive, but the cost of maintaining a roof is far less than the cost of fixing that roof later. Maintenance typically involves an annual or biannual inspection, clearing of the drip edge and gutters and replacement of any roofing materials.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used shingles on offices and other commercial buildings. These shingles have a series of small granules on the surface that serve to push off water and debris. Most asphalt shingles will only last for a period of 25 years or less. Exposure to rain and snow can push off those granules and significantly reduce the lifespan of the roof.

Trained contractors know exactly what to look for on the roof of a business, including shingles that are one or more shades darker than the other shingles on the roof. This is a sign that the granules have come off the shingles. This may require a small replacement or the replacement of all the roofing shingles. The only way building owners can prevent costly repairs and serious repair jobs is with regular maintenance and a yearly inspection.

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