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Stamford Roofing: Article About Inspecting The Roof After A Storm

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There is always the possibility that the roof has sustained damage after a storm. This is especially true if the roof is aging or if there were already problems to begin with. If it is noticed that other roofs in the neighborhood have suffered major damages following a storm, it is recommended that a Stamford roofing contractor come out to do a quick inspection. Otherwise, homeowners should still perform a quick routine inspection just in case some damage has been done.

If strong winds blew through, it is highly recommended that the homeowner look for any wind damage. This may include missing shingles and shingles that have been lifted. Curled shingles can indicate that wind uplift may have destroyed the seal that bonds the shingles to the felt paper and decking. This may potentially allow water to get into the attic space. Hail can also cause damage by making pockmarks in the shingles. It can dislodge the granules that protect the shingles from UV light.

Following the storm, homeowners should take a quick walk around the perimeter of the home. If missing shingles or pockmarks are seen, photographs of the damage should be taken.

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Additionally, the fascia and soffits should be looked at to ensure that there are no holes or rotting wood. The gutters should be inspected to ensure that they were not dented. Additionally, the ground should be inspected to see if there are any granules. The presence of granules on the ground is an indication that recent damage to the roof has occurred.

Once inside, the homeowner should enter the attic space if possible. If the sun is shining, homeowners should look for any sunlight that may be making its way into the attic. If sunlight can be seen, there are holes in the roof where water can get through. Signs of water damage should also be looked for. These signs may include rotten wood, wet spots on the ceiling or walls and discoloration around light fixtures or skylights.

If any potential damage is found, it is recommended that a professional roofer be called as soon as possible. This way, any damages that were caused by the storm can be quickly repaired. If the damages are not fixed, they may actually spread until the repairs are extremely costly or it is more cost effective to just install a completely new roof. By constantly inspecting their roofs, homeowners will have a better idea about the condition of their roof.

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