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When dark stains or streaks begin to appear on the shingles, the problem needs to be dealt with right away. Despite their appearance, stains and streaks are not dirt accumulation. They are caused by algae that have started to set up defenses against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This defense mechanism causes the algae to turn dark brown or black.

Unlike mold and moss, algae feed on the inorganic matter found in roofing tiles. It is particularly pervasive in shady areas of the roof where moisture doesn't dry out quickly. Originally, the spores are swept onto the roof by the wind. After they arrive, spots where tree branches overhang the house, shadows on the roof, the backside of the roof slope and a corner that doesn't see much sunshine are common places for these algae spores to thrive.

However, once the algae become well established, it can quickly spread up the shingles causing the roof to look unsightly. Eliminating the algae can be dangerous for homeowners. Contacting a local Stamford roofing company is a safer option. Most do it yourself solutions advise the homeowner to use a watered down bleach solution to kill the algae or a power washer to blow the algae off the roof.

A professional will have the skill, know how and tools to scrub off the algae in an appropriate manner that won't harm the roofing shingles or vegetation around the home.

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Appropriate fixes can be discussed with a reliable roofing company before hiring them to clean the shingles, but typical solutions include laying down a layer of specialized shingles that are resistant to algae. These shingles have copper or zinc particles embedded into the shingle along with their asphalt coating. Copper and zinc are lethal to algae, but their protective value is limited. These specialized shingles will only protect the roof for about 10 years.

Another popular solution is to insert copper or zinc strips near the peak of the roof under the first layer of shingles so that part of the strip is exposed. When it rains, some of the metal granules and fungicide from the strips will wash down over the shingles and kill any algae that might be starting to grow back.

The easiest option is for homeowners to cut back trees that are shading the roof, and to allow the sun to dry out the shingles. While that won't take care of the initial problem, eliminating all forms of shade can prevent algae from coming back.

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