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Stamford Roofing: Article About Fascia and Soffit Replacement

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When an inspection reveals damage to any of the roofing components, it is vital that corrective action is taken as quickly as possible. Given the importance of the functions performed by the fascia, soffit and flashing, understanding when repair or replacement is necessary is a valuable skill for homeowners to possess. This is particularly useful when it comes to preventing common Stamford roofing issues, so homeowners must be able to recognize when material degradation is such that the issue must be addressed.

The fascia boards exist for both practical and aesthetic purposes. As the finishing edge that connects to trusses, rafters and areas where the gutter system is secured along the edge of the roof, fascia boards serve a protective role against exposure to the elements. In protecting the roofing components from weather damage, the fascia also helps to create an even appearance that extends along the entirety of the roof's outer edge. This tends to be more aesthetically pleasing than the unfinished edge that is sometimes found on older homes.

If the fascia boards show signs of wear or have been adversely affected by moisture rot, then they likely need to be replaced.

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Failing to do so in a timely fashion may lead to interior water damage and may even make it easier for animals and other pests to gain entry to the home. Not only is repair necessary for practical reasons, but the appearance of the home will also be improved by replacing old and worn fascia with fresh boards.

Most soffit systems are now made from vinyl and serve as the intake for an attic ventilation system. The continued function of the soffit is therefore of exceptional importance as insufficient ventilation is responsible for a number of undesirable roofing issues and could even contribute to the development of mold. Vinyl soffit is known for its durability, but it still must be inspected for signs of damage if it is to continue functioning in the way it should.

Roof flashing serves an essential function in waterproofing the roof and ensuring the system is protected against the elements. This metal flashing is installed in the areas that are most prone to leaks, so it is often exposed to water on a more frequent basis and may be prone to rust. When rust is apparent on the flashing, or when the sealant or flashing adhesive appears cracked or worn, it is essential to make repairs quickly. Addressing this issue without delay will ensure that the roof remains properly sealed and that the interior of the home is not exposed to water damage.

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