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The rooftop may protect the home from the elements, but that's not the only job it can do. Many homeowners are starting to look at alternative roofing materials that are more energy efficient than the common asphalt shingle style of roof. An experienced Stamford roofing company can easily explain the options available for a particular home and what the specific benefits of each choice could be.

Generating solar energy is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think about energy efficient roofs. Solar systems collect the sun's energy, and use that energy as the power for the home. In some cases, a home's system could generate enough power that the homeowner gets a rebate from the energy company.

Solar panels sit on top of an existing roof structure. They can be somewhat bulky and will add weight to the roof. More recently, there are alternatives to the panels. Rather than being a separate structure, the solar panels are a part of the roof. For example, there are solar shingles and photovoltaic laminates. These newer products offer the benefits of solar energy while still keeping some of the look of a more traditional roof.

Not all homes are good candidates for solar energy. Anyone who's interested, though, should talk to a solar roofing professional about the options.

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Using their knowledge and experience, they'll discuss the best options and be able to estimate how much solar power the home might be able to generate, given its size and position for the sun.

Of course, solar roofing systems are more expensive than asphalt shingles. Despite the savings in energy costs, some homeowners find the cost of installing solar panels to be prohibitively expensive. An alternative to this is the cool roof.

In the summer months, the sun beats down on the roof, heating it to levels well above the outside temperature. In turn, this heats up the attic and can cause the air conditioner to work overtime. This is especially true when homeowners choose a darker colored roof. Instead, cool roofs are painted a color that will reflect the sun. Without this extra heat, it becomes a bit easier to keep the home cool, and the homeowner will spend less money.

Many people choose energy efficient roofs because they are better for the environment. However, the upfront cost is almost always going to be greater than with other styles of roofs. Any homeowner looking to replace the roof needs to carefully weigh the costs against the potential benefits.

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