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Stamford Roofing: Article About Condensation and Frost In The Attic

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During the summer, some homeowners may be shocked when they find moisture in the form of condensation in the attic. In the winter, this condensation may be seen as frost. In many cases, it may be believed that this condensation is the result of leaks in the roof. This often is not the case, however. Condensation and frost can be caused by poor ventilation and a lack of a vapor barrier.

Before any repairs to the roof can be done, a Stamford roofing contractor must first inspect the roof. This is to rule out the possibility of any leaks, especially if the roof was just installed or if major repairs had just been completed. They may look for exposed nails, split shingles and rotting soffits, fascia boards or roof decking. If roof leaks cannot be found, the problem most likely lies with other roof systems such as the ventilation system.

All residential and commercial buildings are required to have a certain amount of ventilation per square foot in attic spaces. If homeowners attempt to install insulation or the vents themselves, it's possible the home will not have enough ventilation space or the correct vents. For the ventilation to work properly, there needs to be vents that will draw in fresh air from the outside and vents that will allow air to be expelled from the attic.

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Usually, soffit vents are installed in the soffits to draw in air while a ridge vent is installed along the ridge to release the air. If some of these vents are not installed, moist air cannot move properly and may cause the attic to become wet. Further, if insulation is blocking the vents, air cannot freely move in and out.

Vapor barriers can be installed along the ceilings and walls in the living space. When air sealed, these barriers can help prevent warm air from meeting with cold air in the attic, which can ultimately cause condensation or frost. If the correct vapor barriers are used, the amount of moisture that is passing through the walls or ceiling should be minimum to none.

Condensation and frost can be a huge problem when it comes to the attic. If the problem is not fixed, attic and roof components that remain wet for long periods could cause water damage elsewhere in the home or allow mold and mildew to grow. If spaces in the living areas or if the attic appears wet, an expert roofer should be contacted.

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