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Metal roofs are known for their durability and longevity, and they can last for a lifetime if properly maintained. However, it is important to note that they require regular cleanings in order to last this long. While the average homeowner can attempt to clean his metal roof himself, experts recommend that the job be done by a reputable Stamford roofing company. While the process is not too complicated, it is somewhat lengthy and involved. A professional roofing team must follow a set procedure to clean the roof in the most effective manner.

The first thing that a team of roofers will do when cleaning a metal roof is inspect the roof. The roof must be checked thoroughly for any damage, as that may necessitate a new roof rather than a simple cleaning. Even if there isn't any damage, it's important that the roofers know what they're dealing with as far as dirt, debris, mold, et cetera.

Once the roofers have a good idea of the roof's condition, they will begin scraping away corrosion. Most metal roofs are galvanized, which limits corrosion to a great extent. However, some corrosion is inevitable.

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Also, cheaper metal roofs aren't galvanized, and these roofs may corrode quite badly if located in a rainy area.

Roofers generally use a specially made roofing brush for this task. Some will use standard wire brushes, which are similar to roofing brushes and work almost as well. The actual process of removing any corrosion is relatively simple.

When the corrosion has been removed from the roof, the roofers will prepare a solution of TriSodium Phosphate and water. This solution is intended to kill all of the mold and mildew present on the roof. When all of the mold and mildew has been removed, the roofers will generally call it a day and let the roof dry overnight.

At this point, the roof should only need to be cleaned of dirt and residue. The roofers will generally use a power washer for this part. The man on the team that is most skilled in its use will climb up on the roof himself and get to work. Generally, only one roofer works on the roof at a time due to safety issues. As one might imagine, there is a high chance of someone slipping and falling off of the roof whilst it's wet. Once the power washing is complete, the job is done, and the roof will usually take several days to dry.

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