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When a home's roof needs to be replaced, homeowners are faced with a variety of choices regarding exterior roofing materials. Earthenware or clay tiles are growing in popularity due to their longevity, durability in mild environments and their bright color. Clay tile roofs are popular on Spanish Mission styled homes, but they can be used on other architectural styles as well. Learning about the pros and cons of this roofing material and meeting with a local Stamford roofing company can help property owners determine whether a clay roof would be a good fit for their needs.

Clay tile roofs have a cooler exterior, as the particles within the clay reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere. Because less of the sun's energy is absorbed, the upper level of a clay tiled house does not get as hot. This also helps to boost the home's energy efficiency, as the cooling system doesn't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Another benefit of clay tiles is that they are durable. When correctly installed and carefully maintained, this type of roof should last for about 40 years before it needs to be replaced.

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In the uncommon event that a tile cracks, an individual unit can be replaced quickly by an experienced roofing contractor.

As a material with high thermal mass, clay is able to absorb heat and then radiate it back into the environment. This means that the energy that does get absorbed is released back to the atmosphere rather than being passed through and into the home's living quarters. The porous nature of clay gives it optimal air flow. As a result, homes with clay tile roofing systems often experience better ventilation and lower attic humidity levels, boosting indoor comfort.

Clay tiles also beautify the home's exterior. They add color and texture that creates visual interest and curb appeal. Over time, the tiles continue to maintain their brightness and do not develop stains or faded spots.

While there are many reasons to choose clay tiles, there are a few drawbacks to the material. The tiles are three to four times heavier than an asphalt shingle roof. Installing tiles may necessitate the addition of more structural supports to the roof's wooden substructure. Clay tiles are not ideal for locations that receive heavy snowfall during the wintertime. Frequent freeze and thaw cycles may cause clay tiles to crack, as water is able to enter the tiles' pores and expand when the temperature drops below freezing. The expansion of the water cracks the tiles.

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