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When the best option for a homeowner is a new roof, there are likely issues with the roof deck and other supporting structures that will need to be addressed, especially if an older roof is being replaced. Just because there are many choices that need to be made when selecting a new roof, however, doesn't mean that the experience has to be overwhelming. A Stamford roofing professional can make the process less stressful by clearly explaining options and answering questions.

The first choice a homeowner will likely make regards the type of surface materials to be used on their new roof. Asphalt shingles, used on approximately 70 percent of all homes in the United States, are popular because these shingles tend to be more affordable than other selections. However, new asphalt shingles are also more durable than those that were manufactured a decade ago thanks to coatings that can make such shingles waterproof by allowing beads of water to easily cascade off a roof, reducing risk of leaks.

Metal shingles are more resistant to wind and other elements. However, such shingles are more expensive than asphalt but still a wise choice if a home is more exposed to the elements with little or no protection from nearby trees or natural land formations. Tile roofing is heavier, so the supporting structure has to be strong enough to support the added weight.

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The same is true of slate roofing. Wood shingles can add rustic beauty to a home. Such shingles can also be made to be more resistant to fire and heat when treated with a special coating.

Wood is normally used for the parts of a roof a homeowner won't see. However, underlying roof structures may need to be reinforced if a homeowner selects shingles or a surface covering that's heavier than traditional shingles to reduce the risk of roof collapse.

A complete roof replacement is also a good time for homeowners to consider replacing or updating supporting structures like gutters and downspouts. An advantage of having new gutters fully integrated into a new roofing system during the installation process rather than dealing with the re installation of existing gutters is that they will be as structurally sound as the rest of the roof.

The good news for homeowners, whether they're building a house from scratch or updating an older home, is that a properly installed roof can enhance the value of a home and provide an added incentive for future buyers should a homeowner decide to sell their home at some point. With proper maintenance, a new roof can also be an investment that can pay for itself over time.

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