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Homeowners who are wanting to achieve a traditional look for their homes often choose cedar as their roofing material. Wood roofs have evolved from the beginning of home construction with branches and foliage to modern day homes with shakes and shingles.

Manufacturers today make wood shingles in metered cuts and sizes. Shingles derived from red cedar planks are favored by roofers for their accessibility and imperviousness to rot. However, most experts will advise against shingles made of pine as they require specialized application and handling to curb decay and other weathering issues.

For a rustic facade, manufacturers create shakes from hand or by a machine split. The technique allows the unfinished natural appearance of wood to provide a country feel or the look of a farmhouse. Homeowners who want a rustic charm can choose from four types of shakes: hand split, taper sawn, taper split, and straight split.

The construction of the roof and the installation of the wood will determine the lifespan of the product. Depending on the location of the home, the duration of cedar runs between 30 to 40 years.

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An experienced professional with Stamford Roofing can help design the pattern of installation and advise how to maintain the cedar for its life cycle. Likewise, cedar is two and a half times more costly than asphalt shingles; therefore, choosing a reputable installer will ensure that the shingles are fitted correctly at the beginning of the project.

Furthermore, experts advise homeowners to have their roofs inspected every two years after installation. A roofer will conclude if burnouts are present and if the wood is beginning to curl. Likewise, a professional can examine the felt paper interlayment for exposure and check if a ridge cap is loose. The roofer will then act quickly to determine the amount of damage and the needed repairs.

However, homeowners can prevent costly maintenance by allowing the cedar to breathe. A clear and uncluttered roof aids in allowing the wood to perform at its optimal capacity. Moreover, a property owner should ensure that the ventilation system (i.e., the ridge, roof and soffit vents) remains unblocked and open year round. Proper ventilation means that moisture and heat do not build up in the attic.

Before construction or repairs, a homeowner should ask about products created with pressurized impregnated treatments that will help maintain the wood's quality and durability. Furthermore, pressurized impregnated products have greater longevity records in high humidity areas.

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