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Mentioning metal roofs may conjure up images of industrial warehouses, but more and more homeowners are starting to see the benefits. Many Stamford roofing companies can install these types of roofs on the average home. Though the costs are typically higher, the benefits are greater. Anyone looking into getting a new roof should consider metal roofs before making a final choice.

Metal roofs typically outlast other types of roofing materials. In many cases, they're expected to last 70 years or more. Best of all, consumers can install new roofs made from recycled metal and then fully recycle the metal at the end of its lifestyle. This makes it a very environmentally friendly product.

With the protective coating, a metal roof is not likely to rust or become damaged. This means that it will protect the home for years to come. While there's a possibility that the roof could dent in a hail storm or from other objects falling on the roof, the metal is usually strong enough to withstand the force of the blow without damage.

Most metal roofs come in large sheets that lay flat against the roof and attach to each other. The ways that they attach vary slightly.

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The standing seam style is a popular choice because it's highly resistant to leaking, but there are other choices as well. Since the panels are large, it can take less time to install this type of metal roof when compared to adding new shingles to the roof. Sometimes, though, consumers choose metal shingles, which look similar to the more traditional asphalt shingles while offering the benefits of a metal roof.

Since metal roofs can be painted a variety of colors, it's easy to use them to make the home more energy efficient. A light colored roof could keep the home cooler in the summer months. Those who live in snowy areas appreciate that the snow usually slides right off the slick metal.

Of course, there can be some disadvantages as well. Installing a new metal roof can cause twice as much as asphalt shingles. While the longevity is there, some homeowners have a hard time paying the added costs up front. Certain homes may also not be able to bear the extra weight of a metal roof. Only a qualified roofing expert can decide whether a metal roof is possible.

When looking at roofing options, it's smart to consider all of the choices. Ask the company to explain all of the benefits of metal roofing to see if it's a smart choice.

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