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Stamford Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Bitumen Roofs

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Modified bitumen roofs are made of a single ply material that comes in a roll. This roofing material is made of asphalt that has been combined with modifiers to give it a rubber like consistency. Bitumen roofs can also be used in conjunction with other built up roof systems. If building owners are interested in installing modified bitumen materials or other types of membrane roofs, they should discuss their options with professional Stamford roofing contractors.

Modified bitumen roofing materials have a wide range of advantages that make them popular for flat roofs. For example, this material performs well in extremely cold weather. Even when the temperature falls below freezing, the modified bitumen material remains flexible and resistant to damage. In modern bitumen materials, the installation process has been streamlined. The material is self adhering, meaning that it is far more difficult for the bitumen roofing to be poorly installed. Finally, the material is energy efficient. It is light in color, reflects UV sunlight and can be easily recycled once it reaches the end of its lifespan.

One of the main downsides to modified bitumen roofing is that traditional styles require heat for installation. This heat is usually provided by a blowtorch. If a homeowner who does not have proper training attempts to install this roofing material on their own, they could potentially set the roof or building on fire.

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Another big disadvantage is that the material does not have a resistance to scuffing. When the roof is walked on during inspections, the foot traffic can leave scuff marks and small tears, which could possibly reduce the home's resale value. It is not recommended for those who are not properly trained to walk around on the roof for this reason.

Another downside to modified bitumen roofing is that some manufacturers may provide a 10 year warranty. If the building owner is diligent with providing regular cleaning and repairs, the materials can last more than 20 years. Additionally, the materials may potentially cost more than traditional asphalt shingles depending on the quality of the bitumen used and the type of application.

Ultimately, modified bitumen roofs are a good option for many flat roofs or roofs that have a low slope. However, there are other types of membrane roofs that may also be good options for a building owner. A professional roofer can provide all the information that the building owner needs to make a decision about the roof type that may work best for a particular building.

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