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Those who want a home improvement contractor with a reputation for timely service should call Sound Renovation, LLC. Sound Renovation is a GAF Certified family owned home improvement center rated A with the Better Business Bureau. Licensed in Fairfield County, Connecticut and West Chester County, New York, residential and commercial customers can rely on their training and experience to provide premium quality at a practical price.

Leaky roofs threaten the integrity of the structure as undetected water damage softens wood, rusts metal and contributes to mold growth. Drafty windows prevent efficient heating and cooling, increasing energy use to maintain comfort. Gutters that drip or misdirect rainwater can lead to slipping hazards or foundation problems. Fortunately, Sound Renovation can help homeowners resolve those problems and more.

Replacing an existing roof is a significant investment in the structure. The roofing material must withstand many years of sunlight, winter icing and storms all year long. Roofing materials must be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Cedar roofing remains a popular option in many residential areas and on historic buildings. Pine shingles, from Southern Yellow Pine, are an economical and renewable option gaining popularity across the nation.

Natural slate and clay tile roofs offer a classic, elegant look. The material requires minimal maintenance. With a lifespan of up to 75 years, this is an investment in appearance and durability. If natural slate or clay exceeds a homeowner's budget, manmade composite materials may be the answer.

Metal roofs are available in a wider variety of colors and textures today than at any time before. Many homeowners find the traditional asphalt shingle system is the option that is most cost effective and efficient for their roofing needs. Sound Renovation will provide the homeowner with everything they need to choose the best option. Roofing installers are GAF certified to provide homeowners the professional installation they deserve.

Sound Renovation provides services for low slope or flat roofs. The Kempler System, an advanced waterproofing technology, is a trusted roofing system for this roof style. Sound Renovation is a certified Kemper System installer.

Heating the home consumes roughly 42 percent of a household's energy usage. Drafty windows make rooms feel cold. Replacing windows with more energy efficient versions will help save energy and money. Professional replacement with quality windows also provides an improved appearance to your home or office.

Dripping gutters and broken downspouts are not simply eyesores. Serious water damage can occur if these issues are not corrected. Residential and commercial customers have several options designed to fit the look and feel of their project.

Siding is not just pleasing aesthetically; it can provide protection from the elements as well as additional insulation for energy efficiency. Customers may choose from a variety of cedar clapboard, shingle, composite or vinyl siding options.

Sound Renovation provides custom metal fabrication for all projects and installations they contract. Installation of roofing, siding, gutters and other types of construction activities may require the use of flashing, window wells, drip edge and more.

Rooftop solar panels provide the opportunity to save money on energy costs while reducing dependence on nonrenewable resources. Solar energy may be used, stored or sold back to the power company. State and federal tax credits may be available. Sound Renovation trusts FlexLight Photovoltaic Laminates and GE Brilliance crystalline solar panels.

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