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Most homeowners already know that water damage, pest damage and mold are bad for their home. However, they may not know that the source of such damage is a lack of ventilation in the attic or roof. A Norwalk roofing professional can inspect an attic or roof to determine if there is proper ventilation and what can be done to improve ventilation if necessary.

An easy way to improve ventilation in an attic is to install a soffit vent along the eaves. The eaves are the part of the roof that extends from the edge of the roof to about 3 feet past the outside wall. Homeowners may notice that there is an issue with ventilation when they see long icicles starting to form in the winter months. Icicles are the result of water that has not been able to run from the roof due to frozen gutters. This is because snow from higher up on the roof has started to melt while snow and ice from the bottom part of the roof has not. This occurs because warm air is trapped in the attic and is only able to reach certain areas. With the added vents, warm air that radiates from lower levels of the home to the attic will mix with outside air and create a more uniform temperature gradient.

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Assuming that there are no other issues with the attic or roof, the entire structure should stay above freezing, which allows for even melting and runoff of ice and snow.

During the summer months, humid air will be able to escape from the attic, which lowers the odds of mold forming due to the stagnant and moist air mass. In fact, good ventilation in the attic helps regulate the temperature in the entire home, which could cut down on cooling bills and make each room in the house more comfortable to be in.

With less moisture in the home, there is nowhere for common pests like termites or carpenter ants to form colonies in a home. Without moisture, they cannot survive, which is why they tend to stay in lower levels of a home where they are closer to available ground water. Additionally, if there is no water leak or backup in the roof, there is less of a chance for water damage in the rest of the home. This means a lower risk of damage and expensive repairs to interior walls, carpets and ceilings.

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