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Norwalk Roofing: Article About What To Know About Kemper Waterproofing

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One of the most essential aspects of quality roof construction is waterproofing. All roofing companies are required by law to equip roof installations with a waterproofing component that will not allow rainwater to accumulate on the roof or allow rainwater to penetrate to the interior of the roof. Some Norwalk roofing companies offer Kemper, a high performance waterproofing system that is one of the best in the industry.

Developed in 1957, Kemper is a liquid applied waterproofing system that is free of odors and solvents. It has extremely low water absorption and vapor transmission and is available in a range of resin types including polyurethane, fast curing PMMA and polyester. These materials have a low level of viscosity, which enables them to penetrate even very narrow cracks and seams in the rooftop for maximum water protection.

The system consists of a substrate approved primer layer that goes directly on the structure. This layer is overlaid with the Kemper membrane, which is then topped with a drain mat, retention mat and filter sheet. Then, if the building owner wants a rooftop garden, optional growing media and a plant community finish the installation.

The waterproofing membrane sets up in a short period of time, from two hours up to three days after application, and is then ready to start resisting water.

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The Kemper waterproofing system forms one single, monolithic, seamless membrane. It adheres to surfaces fully and resists rot and bacterial growth. Kemper also offers a patching product to repair leaks in the waterproofing system until permanent repairs can take place.

Building owners who use Kemper waterproofing on their rooftops stand to gain a number of benefits. First, Kemper has a proven 50 year track record for excellence. Customers can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their roof is protected by the best. Further peace of mind is added from Kemper's reputation as an environmentally friendly product. The company uses renewable resources in its manufacturing process and is the only roof waterproofing system that has no odor or resin. Each Kemper product is made with up to 80 percent renewable materials.

Kemper offers customers extensive warranties to cover various parts of the system's insulation. These include material and workmanship warranties. Roofing contractors who wish to install the Kemper waterproofing systems must complete a rigorous training program to become certified in preparing rooftops for the Kemper membrane and applying the membrane. Contractors must renew their certifications every two years.

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