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Norwalk Roofing: Article About Things To Consider In Asphalt Shingles

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Shingles are one of the most important elements on any roof. They're the first line of defense against rain, wind, UV rays and other damaging elements. The quality of a roof's shingles may very well hold the key to the roof's durability over a long period of time.

Many homeowners opt for asphalt shingles, mainly because asphalt is one of the most affordable options. Not all asphalt shingles are the same, though. Most Norwalk roofing companies offer a wide range of different shingle types. There are a number of factors for a homeowner to consider when choosing the best shingle for their home.

Shingles are made in one of two ways. The first is an organic process, in which the shingle is made out of recycled paper that is then saturated with asphalt. Organic shingles used to be very common, but are now rarely sold. However, it is possible that older homes may have organic shingles in place.

The second type of composition is fiberglass, in which the shingle is reinforced with a fiberglass mat. Fiberglass shingles tend to be more durable than organics, which is why fiberglass dominates the market.

After production, shingles are coated with ceramic granules. These granules serve an important purpose.

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They help protect the shingles from cracks that can come from UV ray exposure. Some granules also have zinc or copper to prevent algae related streaks and stains.

Before buying new shingles, a homeowner should consider whether the granules would provide adequate protection. Also, granules come in different textures and colors, so it's important that a new shingle's granules match up with the other shingles on the roof.

Generally, the thicker a shingle is, the more protection it will offer. Thicker shingles also tend to hold up better against high speed winds and intense weather.

The least expensive shingles are usually three tab shingles. They're less expensive because they are very thin. Three tab shingles are vulnerable to cracking, wind uplift, and other weather related damage.

The alternative is laminated shingles, which are usually made from multiple shingles being bonded together. Because they are thicker, they aren't easily cracked by water exposure or sunlight. They also have more weight, which makes it less likely that they will uplift in high speed winds.

If a homeowner is replacing a few shingles, he or she may wish to find the ones that best match up with the shingles currently in place. However, if shopping for a new roof or replacing a large number of shingles, it would be wise to do some research and pick a shingle that will provide the most protection.

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