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Maintaining a roof is an incredibly difficult job. However, routine maintenance is crucial if the homeowners want their roof to last. Because roof maintenance can get expensive, especially if the roof was made using premium products, many homeowners like to do the maintenance themselves. This is usually not recommended by Norwalk roofing professionals as this can actually result in more damage. Even if homeowners still decide that they want to do their own roof maintenance, there are certain things that should never be done.

One of the most important things that should never be done is walking around on the roof. This is because homeowners are usually not trained to walk on delicate, sloped surfaces. One wrong step could result in damaged shingles. This could also result in a fall that could leave the person seriously injured. Professional roofers are properly trained to move about on the roof without causing damages; they also have the proper safety gear that will protect them against falls.

Some homeowners believe that washing a roof involves a pressure washer.

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This is a huge deal because the damage that can be caused by pressure washers is so great that a new roof may be needed in that case. Not only can the mineral granules that provide protection for the shingles be lost, the pressure of the water can actually rip the shingle off the roof. There really should never be the need to wash the roof unless algae or moss is growing; if this is a problem, a professional roofer should be contacted. Leaves and debris can simply be hosed off using a garden hose.

Dealing with leaks often means attempting to find the source. Professional roofers are specifically taught how to find the leaks without removing any of the shingles. Some homeowners may attempt to find the source by pulling up some of the shingles. Not only does this damage the shingle adhesive, it can result in pulling up some of the roofing nails. In most cases, this will not fix the leak and may actually lead to more leaks.

A roof is a huge investment and should be treated so. Home occupants should never use the roof as a diving board for jumping into pools or on trampolines. There is the potential for serious bodily injuries or significant roof damage. For the best outcomes, an expert roofer should always be contacted when the roof requires maintenance or repairs.

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