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Sprayed polyurethane foam, or SPF, roofs are popular on high end residential homes. Homeowners like the very low maintenance requirements, quick installation and excellent insulation properties. These roofs do have their downsides, however. The installation and materials aren't cheap. Also, it is difficult to install properly. A reputable Norwalk roofing company will be able to do it well, so homeowners are advised to do their research before choosing a contractor.

The first step that a roofing team working on the installation of an SPF roof will take is to inspect the roof carefully. The inspection will be carried out differently depending on whether there is an existing roof or not. If not, the inspection will not be quite as painstaking. If there is an existing roof, the workers will look closely for any damage. Damage to the underlying roof may compromise the integrity of the SPF on top of it.

Once the roof has been carefully checked out, the team will clean it thoroughly. Usually, this task is delegated to the most junior roofer on the team, who will take a roofing broom up on the roof and carefully sweep all the dirt and debris off. It's vital that the roofer not miss anything because this could prevent the SPF from forming a watertight seal with the roof underneath.

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A more experienced roofer will check the roof to ensure that it's ready for the SPF to be applied.

Veteran roofers will take their time checking the sprayer before beginning the process of application. Any adjustments to the sprayer must be made beforehand because the roofer operating the sprayer will have to focus on laying down an even layer of foam whilst operating the machine. The roofers will also be careful when filling the tank of the sprayer because SPF is quite toxic and filling the tank too quickly can result in bubbles, which will make the layer of foam uneven when it is sprayed.

When the tank has been filled, it is finally time for the roofer to spray the roof. First, they'll put on a full protective suit, mask and gloves. Once everything is ready, the roofer will climb onto the roof and commence spraying a thin layer over the entire surface. Generally, the roofer will shoot for a uniform thickness of roughly an inch and a half. The roofer may spray a thicker layer if the house is located in a cold climate.

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