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When snow is piling up on the rooftop, a property owner has more to think about than just the weight on the structure and the possibility of leaks. Even a roof that is designed to shed snow easily can dump loads in an irregular sequence and cause damage below. Plants can be crushed by an avalanche, and people standing near the building's edge may suffer injury from the sudden impact. Fortunately, the roofing industry offers snow guards to regulate the amount of precipitation that slides over the eaves at one time. Norwalk roofing professionals can provide more details about effective avalanche control.

Snow guards are sold in various types and arranged in strategic patterns on roof surfaces for optimal performance. The basic models are pipe style, pad style and fence style. For metal roofs with standing seams, a special design for both horizontal and vertical seams is available in any of the three styles. The contractor can simply clamp the prongs onto the seams then rest assured that the melting snow will flow onto the ground evenly. For aesthetic appeal, the brackets can be powder coated in a color that matches the roofing materials.

In the past, pipe style snow stops were used strictly for commercial properties.

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They are relatively large and act as a barricade for falling ice and snow. Through resourceful engineering, however, these handy apparatuses have become a source of beauty as well as practicality. They are manufactured with either two or three pipes that block large pieces of frozen precipitation heading toward the roof's edge. Since roof pitch can range from almost flat to very steep, many pipe style snow guards are made with brackets that can be adjusted for height.

Pad style snow guards are the most popular among the options. They are obscure yet functional. When the roof slope is smooth and slippery, these devices create the necessary friction to hold back some of the melting snow and ice. Many pad style guards feature a half round shield that protrudes vertically from a shingle or flat tile. Whether the building is residential or commercial, this snow guard variety serves its purpose well. It can be installed on both new and existing roofs.

Systems such as membrane and corrugated metal often benefit from fence style snow guards. These rails provide a barrier between the ridge and the eaves that catches a portion of the moving snow and ice before it tumbles to the ground. Although fence style brackets operate in the same manner as pipe style guards, their shields are solid and often come with insert strips that are similar in color to the roofing materials.

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