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As electrical costs soar in certain regions, homeowners are looking for clever ways to reduce their bills and help the environment simultaneously. Reputable Norwalk roofing professionals offer many choices for solar power or collection installations to create this money savings. Solar panels aren't the only choice for homeowners, but all products should be considered for their value to a particular property. Each home is unique and must have a solar system customized for optimal use.

When homeowners need a brand new rooftop, they can use this opportunity to add solar panels too. A new roof offers a perfect surface for panel installation, and contractors may even discount part of the installation because two normally separate projects are being performed simultaneously. Roof decks can be evaluated and shored up to support both the shingle materials, panel legs and solar collectors themselves. Adding solar panels to an old roof only makes the installation precarious because of questionable materials hidden under shingles that may need to be replaced relatively soon.

A newer solar collector comes in the form of laminates. Instead of thick and heavy panels, solar energy can be easily absorbed by laminate products.

The roofers from Sound Renovation of Norwalk can answer any questions you have about windows or composite roofing.

Contractors affix this thin film to existing shingles, creating a rooftop that has a slightly darker color than before. These laminates in specific numbers generate enough power for almost any household uses. Contractors simply need to qualify a rooftop as a strong structure for the installation.

Regardless of the solar collector type, all rooftop systems must have an inverter added to their configuration. When sunlight is absorbed, it creates DC, or direct current. This energy cannot be used directly at household outlets because it must be in the form of AC, or alternating current. An inverter simply converts this DC energy into usable AC for use at any electrical outlet.

All contractors with some solar experience may have varying skills, so it might be necessary for an electrician to come in and survey the interior wiring and electrical panel. All solar collectors must have some hard wiring to the electrical panel for a consistent power supply. In older homes, a new electrical panel might be required for safe power conversion and distribution to nearby outlets.

Not all roofs are prime candidates for solar installations. When roofers estimate a project, they'll measure several rooftop features. From angle of incidence to physical sunlight obstacles, many factors must be evaluated to create a solar system that truly generates enough power for the entire household.

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