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Installing a new roof is not a frequent process as it is often only required once every two or three decades. For that reason, many homeowners may be in the dark about a handful of facts that need to be known before attempting to hire a roofer. When a homeowner knows what a professional roofer should offer, the roofing process becomes much smoother and efficient. The main facts any homeowner should know when hiring a roofer are related to contracts, roof replacements and the roofing process.

The most important thing any homeowner can do is to verify a roofer's legitimacy. A homeowner should always make sure to find a Norwalk roofing professional that is verified with a roofing license, worker's comp and liability insurance. Homeowners should also find contractors that always include a contract with every roofing job. Contractors that do not create contracts put both a homeowner and themselves at possible financial risk. A clearly defined contract will easily spell out factors such as the scope of a project, total material and labor costs, and issues related to matters such as down payments. If a contractor cannot offer a well defined contract, they are not worth going through.

Following what to expect from a roofing professional, a homeowner should also know what to expect while a roofer is working on a home's roof.

A roofing contractor from Sound Renovation of Norwalk CT can answer any question you have about siding or composite roofing.

The process will include removing an old roof if there are two or more layers already installed atop a roofing deck. The reason that a roofer cannot install additional layers over two existing layers is a combination of weight, building codes and general safety. Too much weight on top of a roof can spell disaster. If, however, there is only one roofing layer, the stripping process can be bypassed and installation can begin immediately.

Lastly, the thing all homeowners need to know about the roofing process is that it is messy and noisy work. If one or more roofing layers have to be removed, there will be shingle chunks everywhere. The removal and layering of materials is also loud work. Hammering, peeling, ripping and similar actions will most likely be taking place in the full perimeter of a house. While it is a necessary part of the process, it may be a nuisance for some. If such conditions would prove to be an issue for some homeowners, the best recommended course is for them to depart from a home while it is being worked on to avoid any excessive discomfort.

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