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In locations that experience cold winters and heavy snowfalls, finding the right roofing material can be a challenge. Although asphalt shingles are inexpensive, quick to install and visually appealing, they also tend to not hold up well during periods of extreme cold, under frequent freeze and thaw cycles or when ice melts. Homeowners can work with a local Norwalk roofing contractor to choose a durable, attractive and long lasting material that can withstand brutal winter weather.

One of the best choices for roofs in climates with cold and snowy winters is concrete tile. Made from sand, aggregates and pigments, these tiles can be custom made to suit a homeowner's color preferences. The tiles can handle brutally cold weather without cracking. Even when the temperatures rapidly fluctuate, the tiles will stand up to the conditions with ease. A concrete tiled roof weighs 3 times as much as an asphalt shingle roof, so some homes may need additional structural supports. Underlay, roofing felt and ridge caps are still needed to complete the roofing system.

Another good choice for homes located in areas that experience cold winters along with warm and humid summers is metal. Metal roofing can be made of copper, corrugated tin, galvanized steel or zinc coated steel. Copper is prized for its shiny and richly colored appearance.

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Over time, the copper develops a patina that adds even more visual appeal.

Metal roofs are highly durable. Their smooth surfaces allow solid chunks of snow to slide right off. With the installation of snow guards, metal roofs prohibit the formation of large icicles and ice dams. If there is an emergency need to replace the roofing system, metal is one of the easiest to install during periods of extreme weather. The reflective nature of metals helps to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, especially when properly insulated. Adding the right amount of insulation also helps to dampen the sounds of rain, ice or hail when they hit the metal surface.

When a homeowner is interested in increasing their home's energy efficiency, solar paneled roofs may be a good choice. Photovoltaic panels can be placed onto a roof to capture the sun's energy all year long. During the wintertime, these panels can help heat the home. In the summer, the energy they collect may be used to power other devices such as hot water tanks. Solar panels are one of the most expensive types of roofing, but they can pay off over time due to lower energy bills.

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