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Over time, every roof will begin to show signs of wear and degradation. When these signs become apparent, it is only natural for the homeowner to consider if the damage requires replacement or if it the issue can be appropriately addressed through repair. The decision to repair or replace is complicated and will rely on a number of factors unique to both the roof and the homeowner. Understanding how these factors influence the decision making process will help the homeowner make the right choice when it is time to contact a Norwalk roofing specialist.

The extent of the damage will serve as a major determining factor, as some types of damage may simply require replacement. If the roof is showing signs of structural integrity loss or the roofing materials have degraded past the point of effectively protecting the home, then replacement may simply be unavoidable. On the other hand, acute damage to a relatively new roof caused by a storm or some other issue may only require a patch, especially if the damage is limited to one side of the roof and has not adversely affected the roofing structure or its other vital components.

Homeowners should also be cognizant of the age and expected lifespan of the roof in deciding between repair and replacement. A new roof is a much more likely candidate for a large repair than an older roof, as the long term costs of repairing an older roof that will soon need to be replaced anyway are far greater than the immediate savings of opting for a repair or patch.

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Most roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, so a damaged roof that was installed 22 years ago should probably just be replaced instead of repaired. It may also be the case that repairing the roof will reveal evidence of wood rot, insufficient sheathing fasteners or other issues that may lead to more extensive repair.

In addition to considering the damage and age of the roof along with the short and long terms costs of repair or replacement, the homeowner's future plans should also play a role in the decision making process. An obviously patched roof may be fine for a homeowner who has no plans to sell their home in the immediate future, but there are property value concerns for homeowners who do intend on taking this course of action. If the patch cannot be made using matching shingles, then the homeowner will have to weigh whether a potentially negative impact on property value is worth the immediate savings generated by opting for repair instead of replacement.

Of course, the most important consideration is the safety and effectiveness of the roofing structure. While there are other issues for homeowners to take into account when making this decision, their foremost concern should always be with securing the continued and protective function of the roofing system.

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