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Each year after summer as the weather begins to cool down, animals start looking for places to settle in or even hibernate for the winter. The sounds of scampering little feet running around in the attic space of a house are not desired by most homeowners, and critters can cause structural damage to the roof. The unwelcome visitors can also chew through wires and insulation, increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Getting animals out and keeping them away from the attic space is essential to home safety. With these tips and professional assistance from a local Norwalk roofing service, property owners can make their homes unappealing to vermin.

The first step in making a house unappealing to squirrels, rats and other animals is to seal up any obvious openings. Loose flashing should be nailed down or refastened with construction adhesive. Any loose, missing or broken vent covers should also be bolted down. Rotted fascia or soffit boards should be replaced as well.

Next, homeowners should look for other possible entry points for vermin. A heavy steel mesh can be stapled over the vent covers to keep animals away.

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The openings are too small for animals like mice, birds and other critters to get in the house. When possible, galvanized steel metal should be chosen as it does not corrode in the presence of the attic's high humidity levels.

If there is already an animal setting up housekeeping in the attic, a pest control service can use a trap with a one way door to catch it. These traps do not harm the animal and allow it to be safely released back into the wild. Once the intruder has been removed, the homeowner should take action to close off any entry points so that no more visitors can return.

Once the roof, eaves and other rooftop features are properly closed up, there are a few other preventive actions that can be taken to deter the critters. Tree branches should be trimmed so that they are at least 10 feet away from the home's roof, gutters and walls. This is because rats and squirrels can easily leap off a tree and climb onto a house. Piles of wood should be moved to be at least 50 feet away from the house as these offer additional sheltering places for animals. Garbage cans should be tightly latched, and no food should be left around the home.

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