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The roof is the main line of defense for a home against a number of types of damage, such as wind, water and hail. It protects a home from the elements, and if it is damaged, a variety of problems are likely to develop. Since the roof is such an important part of keeping a home in good condition, many people have insurance policies that help them pay for repair or replacement costs.

Although there are insurance policies that just cover a roof, most people are covered through a homeowner's policy. It is important to note that there are a wide variety of factors that go into determining what a policy covers and to what degree. Just because someone has homeowner's insurance does not mean that any work a Norwalk roofing service does will be paid for by an insurance provider, and even if something is paid for, it may not be covered 100 percent.

Roof insurance coverage often depends on the type of risks that are common for the area. In many cases, very common types of roofing damage are not covered by policies unless someone pays extra. In coastal areas, it is common for people to have to pay a lot more for insurance that covers hurricane damage. Individuals should look into exactly what their policy covers to ensure that they know whether or not they can expect their provider to pay for repairs for different types of damage.

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The amount of money that people pay for insurance will also often depend on the condition of their roof and the composition of their roof. If someone's roof is in poor condition, they are likely to pay a lot more for insurance due to the high risk that damage will occur or that something will cause a roof to need to be replaced.

Even something small like having a few missing tiles can increase someone's premiums. When shingles are missing, it is fairly likely that roof sheathing will have been damaged, and that means that a roof may have undiscovered leaks. Since water damage can be enormously expensive to repair and insurance providers want to avoid losing money, providers use premium disincentives that can increase policy costs dramatically.

Roofing material can also play a part in determining someone's coverage costs and whether or not certain types of damage are covered. For example, in areas were wildfires are a risk, many insurance providers will not provide fire damage coverage for roofs with wood shakes, but they will offer coverage for roofs with flame retardant asphalt shingles.

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