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No homeowner can predict when ill weather or disaster will strike and cause damage to a house. Norwalk roofing contractors suggest that homeowners have a plan in place should a roofing emergency occur. By knowing and following a few simple steps, a homeowner can be better prepared during severe rain, wind and snow storms.

The first thing a homeowner should do following severe weather is assess the roof for damage. This is done for two reasons. First, the insurance company must have this information should the homeowner need to make a claim; second, a homeowner must know if they need to contact a roofing contractor. It is recommended to take photos or videos of the damage as this can help to avoid discrepancies or unforeseen costs.

An inspection can be done from the ground with binoculars. If possible, a homeowner should attempt to estimate the square footage of the damaged area and write down any observations of damage. When taking these notes, it is important for the individual to check the severity of the damage, look for missing shingles and check for signs of exposed tarpaper and plywood.

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If it is not possible to decipher what the damaged material is, the homeowner should note the color and shade of the material.

If there is severe damage to the roof, the homeowner can make an emergency repair by first containing water that may be leaking into the home and moving property that may be prone to water damage. If there is a hole or open area in the roof, a tarp or other membrane can be used to block the weather.

As soon as the hole is covered or the damaged is contained, the homeowner should contact their insurance company. The insurance company will assess the damage as soon as possible and inform the homeowner if the damage is covered under their policy. At this point, the homeowner may choose to work with their insurance company to repair the damage, or they can reach out to a private roofing contractor.

If the homeowner chooses to contact a private roofing contractor, it is best to hire a contracting company that is experienced with this type of repair. It is also best to hire a local contractor, especially if the damage was caused by a natural disaster. Traveling contractors should be avoided as they are not familiar with the area nor are they worried about keeping a local reputation.

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