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Once a homeowner has signed a contract with the Norwalk roofing company of their choice, their reroofing project is about to begin. What can a homeowner expect during the roofing process?

Typically, the work will begin two to six weeks after a homeowner signs the contract. Homeowners can anticipate that the start date for the work may need to change based on local weather. Some roofing companies may decide to work through inclement weather, but it's generally avoided if at all possible.

A few days before the work begins, roofers will usually bring a large trash receptacle, such as a dumpster, to the property. This is a good time for the homeowner to take a walk around the house to look for and move any items that might be surrounding it. The object is to have a clear area around the building's perimeter where workers will be able to place their ladders. Homeowners should make sure to move any parked vehicles that might get in the way of the work. Debris will be thrown off the roof, and nobody wants to have his or her vehicle's shiny paint job scratched by flying roof tiles.

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If roofers are placing the new roof over the existing one, there will be less trash generated during the roofing process. Otherwise, the roofers will need to do a tear off. Unsurprisingly, a roof tear off can be messy. Roofers will have to remove and discard one to two layers of old asphalt tiles from the roof. Asphalt tiles can be recycled in many municipalities. If asphalt tile recycling is available in the area, the old roofing materials may one day wind up integrated into a new stretch of highway, among other possible uses.

After the tear off is completed, technicians will check over the roof decking for any structural issues they may need to address. Once technicians have confirmed that the roof deck is in sound condition, the process of applying the new roofing can begin. Because it's standard practice to nail asphalt tiles into place, this part of the job creates a lot of noise. Many neighbors will appreciate a heads up before a new roof project begins so that they will know to expect some noise and dust.

Simple reroofing jobs may only take a day or two. Jobs that are more complicated can take up to two weeks. Once the roofers complete the work, they will clean up the property and haul away all debris. The homeowner can now enjoy their new roof.

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