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Metal roofing has increased in popularity over the last decade. New styles, proven longevity, speedy installation and energy efficiency have all been contributing factors in this rise. Norwalk roofing professionals love the ease of installation, and homeowners enjoy the easy maintenance. Deciding on the right type of metal roofing is easier for homeowners who consider a few aspects of metal roofing first.

Most metal roofs are covered in aluminum or steel. For those with a larger budget, there are also copper and a variety of alloys to choose form. Aluminum is softer than steel and will dent more easily. At a lighter weight than steel, it is also more expensive. Steel is more prone to rusting anywhere the coating gets scratched. Aside from these issues, they both make great economical choices.

Style has moved far beyond the tin roofed barns many people think of when metal roofing is mentioned. Today, homeowners can choose between various styles of metal shingles that can imitate the look of other roofing material. Modern metal panel roofing has improved greatly as well. Panels are made to fit exactly, and standing seam installation guarantees sleek lines since there are no horizontal seams. The range of colors is quite varied as well. There is a metal roofing product that will fit any style home old or new.

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Metal roofing may be more expensive on materials than asphalt, but the decreased labor costs and the established longevity will more than make up for it. Most modern metal roofs are rated to last over 50 years. Metal roofing meets the requirements for cool roofing by reflecting heat from the sun away from the house. This will help homeowners cut down on utility usage. Cool roofing is an even bigger advantage in hot climates.

Resistance to fire and light weight provide the home with more protection that other materials. By lessening the load on the decking, metal roofing helps extend the life of other roofing components. Whatever type of metal roofing a homeowner goes with, it will carry the highest fire resistant rating. It also diverts water into the gutter system more efficiently. Metal can be installed on a lower slope than many other options, making it great for porches or verandas.

This versatile roofing material is a great option for almost any home. To find out about the latest styles, speak with a certified roofing installer. Between their help and a little research, the perfect fit is sure to be out there.

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