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Homeowners are familiar with basic shingles that cover the majority of homes, but these materials aren't the only ones available to the public. As technology has improved, newer materials have been customized to work just like shingles but with varied aesthetics. From color to texture, new shingle installations can make a home look completely different. Norwalk roofing professionals can go over all options with customers to make any installation a distinct reflection of personal taste.

Direct cousins of traditional asphalt shingles are fiberglass core types. From the exterior, these shingles are identical. Granules coat the dark or light colored surfaces to create water flow down a rooftop. However, fiberglass cores make these shingles sturdier against cracking. Glass shards compiled in the shingles' interiors make the material flexible while attached to a rooftop. Moderate winds simply cause the shingles to flex instead of crack over the years.

Old fashioned wood shakes used to have many issues with decay on rooftops, but cedar is a natural product with enhanced benefits. This wood is often sealed for water resistant purposes. Cedar wards off rot, mold and even pest infiltration. This wood is a natural pest control material while retaining the sleek look of shingles. Homes with cedar shingles don't appear rustic compared to shakes but offer a natural appearance that drives possible home sales.

The roofers from Sound Renovation of Norwalk can answer any questions you have about composite roofing or siding.

Slate roofing shingles come in many design types to match the home's decor. These stone materials can have rough edges for a more traditional appearance, or they might have scalloped construction for a streamlined look. Slate is completely natural stone, allowing it to be recycled if the home is ever updated with another material. Stone products are much heavier than other roofing choices, so only experienced contractors should install these materials.

Homeowners may not think of metal roofing as a shingle choice, but material manufacturers don't just create smooth paneling products. Scalloped metal designs formed into premade sections make the roof appear to have a shingled surface. Roofs benefit from metal's long term lifespan and color selections. Unless the homeowner wants to paint metal a different color, this material retains its original hue for up to 50 years.

It's important to note that contractors must perform a dead load calculation with each roofing material conversion. All structures have various weight limits, so contractors must verify that a home can support the potential installation type. In most cases, homes can hold a given material for an updated look that improves curb appeal and possibly property value.

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