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Metal roofing systems are energy efficient, durable and long lasting. Although they are more expensive than a basic asphalt shingle roof, these roofs generally have lower repair costs and do not have to be replaced as often. The installation process for metal roofing also differs compared to traditional shingles. While an experienced homeowner might be able to install their own metal roof, an experienced Norwalk roofing contractor may be able to do so more efficiently, saving the homeowners a considerable amount of time.

The usual method of roof installation is with roofing nails and a nail gun. Roofing nails are usually 4 to 6 inches long and have large heads. Pneumatic or solenoid nail guns make quick work out of putting on the wooden sheathing, underlay and shingles or tiles. An entire roof can be put on in a single day with the use of a nail gun. This installation method is standard for asphalt shingles.

With metal roofing, a different installation method is needed. Nails do not provide enough resistance against strong wind gusts or uplifting winds. Instead of nails, most contractors opt to use roofing screws. A power drill or screw gun with clutch can be used to quickly and correctly install the nails into the metal sheets and through the underlay, insulation, decking and rafters.

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Screws are strong fasteners that are recommended for use in parts of the country prone to severe windstorms, thunderstorms or tropical storm systems.

Roofing screws must be installed at regular intervals through the sheet of metal so that they are aligned with the rafters. Each row of screws is placed about 2 feet apart across each sheet of metal. This process is the same whether the home is being newly built or the roof is being replaced. The process of installing roof screws can even be done if the metal roofing is being installed on top of a different material.

Screws can be used to replace nails that have popped up out of the metal. In order to do this, the old nails must be removed with the claw end of a hammer. The screws can be driven through the same holes as the nails.

Once all of the steel screws are in place, the roofers or property owner should place a dot of silicon caulk or another exterior sealant on their heads. This helps to create a waterproof seal and prolongs the life of the fastener.

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