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Hot mopped roofs have been a popular option for many years, and they are still popular in many areas. Known for being durable and relatively cheap, a good Norwalk roofing company can install one quickly. They do have their downsides, however. They release chemicals and bad odor upon application, and many do not like the way they look. Some people who do choose a hot mopped roof try and install it themselves, but this is not recommended. The process is relatively simple, but it can go wrong easily.

The first thing that a roofing team installing a hot mopped roof will do is inspect the roof that is being worked on. Hot mopped roofs are not recommended for installation over existing roofs, but it does happen. If this is the case, the roofers will inspect the existing roof carefully. If it is uneven or has other structural abnormalities, then it is not a suitable candidate for this type of job. If it is in good shape, then the roofers will proceed.

The inspection process for a house without a roof is much simpler. The roofers will check that the plywood sheathing is even and without rot, and then they will begin installing the hot mopped roof.

The roofers will lay down a layer of roofing felt before the first layer of asphalt.

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This gives the asphalt something to adhere to and provides an extra level of protection against moisture. The roofing felt is laid out in strips from the bottom of the roof up and fastened down with a staple gun. Once the roofing felt has been secured, the team will begin to apply the first layer of asphalt.

Most good roofing teams will have the asphalt heating during the installation of the roofing felt. This way, it is ready to go when the felt is done. A boiling pot of asphalt will be carefully brought up to the roof, and the roofers will begin applying it to the felt with special roofing mops. These mops are heavy duty industrial tools that bear little resemblance to household mops.

When the roofers have finished applying the first layer of asphalt, they will lay down another layer of roofing felt. This will continue to improve the roof's level of protection against moisture. Of course, the roofers will have to wait for the asphalt to dry before laying down the second layer of felt. This usually takes about an hour or two. This process of layering felt and asphalt is repeated three times, and the roof is done.

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