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Most homes are outfitted with standard aluminum gutters that help collect rain as it drains off the roof. After about 30 years of use, the gutters tend to wear out due to corrosion, rust and weakening of the gutter brackets. Installing new gutters is a task that handy homeowners can do themselves or hire a trustworthy local Norwalk roofing service to do for them quickly and efficiently.

A few basic carpentry tools and related supplies are needed in order for a property owner to install their new gutters. String, chalk line, silicone caulk, roofing screws, a tape measure, gutter brackets, downspout brackets and aluminum straps are essential supplies for this project. Necessary tools include tin snips, a power drill and a jigsaw. All the correct gutter and downspout pieces that are needed will depend upon whether just one gutter is getting replaced or all of them are. The homeowner will also need gear including an extension ladder, work gloves, rubber soled shoes and safety goggles.

The first step of gutter installation is to put a mark just below the roof's edge where the gutter will be placed. Homeowners should measure the wall's length, divide by 10, round the result up to the nearest whole number, multiply this number by 0.25 inches and make note of the result.

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The next step is to attach a line level to a string and run it down the length of the wall with a helper and mark the level line. The homeowner should then measure down from this mark by the value noted earlier. This is where the other end of the gutter needs to be fastened in order to attain the correct slope for water drainage.

Next is to cut the length of aluminum gutter to the proper size, first making the marks with a pencil and tape measure. The material should be cut along the line using tin snips. With one person holding the length of downspout, it's best to use the pencil to draw the outline of the downspout's opening and cut out the opening with the jigsaw. The homeowner should attach the gutter brackets 6 inches in from each end of the gutter and every 18 inches between the ends.

The homeowner can use the power drill with a screwdriver attachment to screw the brackets into the side of the house. This locks the gutters into place. The next step is to lay a bead of silicone caulk on the underside of the downspout connector and put the connector through the opening, pushing the downspout into place. It's important to crimp the gutter's end caps into place and affix the mounting straps to the wall where the downspout is located to lock the downspout into position. The homeowner can seal any gutter seams with additional caulk.

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