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Many homeowners believe that flat roofs are limited to certain climates and cannot withstand weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. This is a misapprehension, however, since nearly all commercial buildings, no matter where they are located, have flat roofs. Today's flat roofs are cost efficient and can benefit the homeowner in a number of ways.

There are certain considerations that have to be taken into account whenever a roof is to be built or replaced, and if a homeowner wants to make use of the stylish and cost efficient flat roof, the first thing to do is schedule a consultation with a Norwalk roofing expert.

A professional roofer will inform the homeowner that most flat roofs are not completely flat. After all, they do have a built in pitch so that the roof can shed water or snow instead of allowing it to accumulate and put pressure on the roof. This minimal slope can be accomplished by pitching the roof to the roof edge or by installing two or more drains at strategic points along the flat roof, with each drain piped to direct water away from the building.

The weight of snow that accumulates is often a concern to homeowners considering a flat roof installation in a climate that gets regular snowfall. This concern is not necessary, since a properly constructed flat roof is built to support different loads, including wind, building weight and seismic activity.

A roofing contractor from Sound Renovation of Norwalk CT can answer any question you have about gutters or windows.

As an added precaution, all structures are required to be constructed to support local snow load conditions, regardless of roof pitch.

Another common complaint about flat roofs is that they leak, but this only occurs when the design and the materials used to construct the roof are not up to par. Experienced roofing contractors, especially those who are familiar with commercial roofing as well as residential roofing, will be experienced in the correct installation of membrane roofing, standing seam metal roofing or foam roofing in regards to a flat roof.

Any roof system needs routine maintenance, and maintaining a flat roof isn't very different from maintaining a pitched roof. An inspection can be performed annually or semi annually, and will include inspection of drainage components including roof drains, gutters and downspouts. Maintenance will keep the drains and scuppers free of debris that could clog them, and a regular examination of membrane for tears or punctures will let the owner know if there are problems that need to be fixed right away.

With the proper attention and maintenance, the clean, modern look of a flat roof can be successfully achieved in any climate.

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