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Most homeowners will want to get an estimate of the cost for a project before they begin remodeling the interior of their home. The same is true when it comes time to replace old shingles on a roof. However, it will not do any good to ask neighbors, friends or family how much it cost them to replace their roof as roofing costs vary greatly from home to home. The reason for this makes sense when a person looks at all of the factors that go into a roofing project. Location, time, the dimensions of a roof, material used and other factors all play a role in a roofing project. However, a homeowner cannot go into a roofing project without some type of budget. To solve the dilemma, the best option is to contact a Norwalk roofing professional and obtain an itemized estimate.

An itemized estimate of roofing costs will break down a project into separate sections that can be evaluated and possibly changed. One of the first items that can vary in price will be the type of material that is used in a roof replacement.

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If a homeowner is tired of the style of their old roof, they can opt to use more expensive material such as concrete or clay tiles. This will escalate the price over typical asphalt shingles, but it will also add an appealing aesthetic to the whole house.

Most of the other elements of a roofing job will deal with items that are static. The slope and pitch of a roof that is already in place will not change. However, it will play an important role in the price of a new roof. If the slope is so steep that workers are unable to walk on top of sheathing or shingles, extra equipment may have to be brought in for a job to be completed. Of course, this will escalate the bottom line.

Another factor that will change the cost of a roof is the age of a dwelling. If a house is older, there may be structural damage to the sheathing, underlayment or shingles. This would require replacement and would push up an estimate. The local climate and location of a roofing project will also factor into an estimate. Extreme weather conditions will make it necessary to use high quality, weather resistant material, and the location of a project will add to the cost of the bottom line if a project is located in a rural setting.

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