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Fungal growth on shingles is not an uncommon occurrence, and it is an issue that Norwalk roofing companies that provide maintenance and cleaning related services often have to deal with. Many homeowners have never seen it, however, and it can be quite the shock to witness a fungal colony that has seemingly appeared overnight.

Fungus generally requires specific environmental conditions: shade, moisture and cool temperatures. Fungal colonies can grow in summer if the humidity is high enough and there is enough tree shade to block the sun and keep the area relatively cool. Note that the moisture required is rarely an issue with the roof itself, but if a leak or pooling water exists, then that could be a cause.

Other substances that can grow in similar conditions and even alongside the fungus are lichen, moss, mold and mildew. Another substance that commonly grows on roofs is algae, but algae, which generally appears as dark blotches or streaks on a roof, generally requires humidity and a lot of sunlight. If a homeowner were to eliminate a fungal problem simply by cutting back tree growth, it is possible that algae growth could replace the problem.

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The best way to approach fungus on a roof depends on the likelihood of reoccurrence. If such growth has never occurred before and suddenly appears, then there is a good chance that it was caused by an unlucky combination of environmental conditions. There are fungus cleaning solutions available for home use that attach to a garden hose and are simple to apply. If that cures the problem, then homeowners may want to apply it once a season in order to ensure the growth does not return.

If the fungal growth is substantial or has a history of reoccurrence, then the homeowner should hire a professional to inspect the roof and clean the affected area. Often, roofers will recommend installing zinc flashing. When rain comes in contact with the zinc flashing, it will cause zinc carbonate, which will prevent the growth. Note that while this is more expensive up front than cleaning, it will prove much more cost effective over the lifespan of the roof.

A solution that is potentially even more cost effective over the long term is algae resistant shingles. In order to be effective, algae resistant shingles must be used all over the roof. Therefore, they are not a practical option for repairs or partial reroofing but are an attractive option when having a full reroofing performed.

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