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The NRCA recommends that all homeowners to have their rooftop's inspected regularly by a trained professional. Yearly inspections by Norwalk roofing experts can be a great way to keep up with roof maintenance, but it is important for individuals to be aware of some common problems that they can watch out for before they call the professionals for a yearly inspection. Checking for these problems roughly once every three or four months can stave off most major waterproofing and longevity problems while helping homeowners preserve their warranties on the roofing system itself.

One of the most common problems that all homeowners need to deal with is dislodged shingles. This type of damage is usually caused by high winds or severe, stormy weather. Dislodged shingles may indicate that individual shingles are beginning to lose their tar seal or that they are starting to deteriorate due to age. Homeowners will have a better idea of what the damage is like by inspecting the fallen shingles and seeing what condition they are in. A good spot to check is usually the home's gutter system.

Another common concern that homeowners need to deal with is buckling.

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A buckled roof may be caused by poor rooftop ventilation, as excessive heat will warp the shingles by trapping moisture and causing premature wear. The trapped heat will cause severe damage to the roof's truss systems and sheathing deck. Maintaining the attic and making sure that it is properly ventilated can be a good way to stave off such damage.

Animal damage can be problematic as well. Because of how many different types of pests can make their home in the rooftop, homeowners will need to watch out for different signs of damage according to different types of animals. Pests such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, bats and mice can all compromise the integrity of an otherwise functioning roof.

Sometimes the shingles may not be to blame for signs of damage in the area. Flashing systems should also be inspected to make sure that there are no entry points for water along the roof's surface. Homeowners should be sure to inspect the aluminum flashing around their vents and chimneys to see if there are breach points that can result in moisture damage in the future.

Finally, homeowners should not neglect the systems around their rooftop as well. Gutter and downspout blockages can result in water backing up, washing over the home's shingles and resulting in long term damage that can compromise the safety of the entire roof.

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