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The beauty of a red cedar roof is unmatched among architectural frameworks. Even after the wood becomes old and weather beaten, its surface develops a light gray complexion that is rich in character. Meanwhile, the natural artistry of the fresh lumber reflects colors of reddish brown in every shade and intensity along with a delightful aroma. The hardy western red cedar is used most often in the manufacture of roofing products, although other varieties work effectively too. White cedar, which is not quite as durable as red, is gaining in popularity due to its low price and availability. For professional assistance in choosing cedar shingles or shakes, property owners can contact a Norwalk roofing specialist. A high quality, well maintained cedar system can last for 50 years or longer while providing optimal protection and curb appeal.

When wood shingles are formed, both sides are sewn evenly. Shakes are split by hand so that they will look rough and unrefined. Both styles bring out the elegance of cedar's soft, light heartwood. Its straight grain and unique texture complements a rustic design as well as a polished scheme. While both red and white cedar is easy to work with and hold paint very well, they are not equal in water resistance.

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White cedar has a loose grain that is more susceptible to seepage. Likewise, dirt and debris can penetrate the material and cause damage. In spite of the drawbacks of white cedar roofing components, they are superior to many of the less expensive options on the market.

Red cedar is normally shock resistant and very slow to decay. Insects rarely infest this versatile wood type because of a chemical inside that works in the same manner as tannin. When cedar ages and dries out, its rate of shrinkage is low in comparison to other building products. Dense red cedar holds nails in place with considerable stability. Eastern white cedar has a strong grip too, but incense cedar requires blunt nails for the prevention of splintering.

Cedar roofing materials are not easily broken during hailstorms and high winds. Before installation, they need treatment for fire resistance and fungal growth. Then, they should be checked regularly for mold, mildew and moss. Leaves and debris must be removed periodically so that water doesn't get trapped underneath. With adequate roof ventilation, cedar shingles and shakes can breathe. Pressure washing is appropriate every four years as long as the setting is gentle. Individual components should not need replacement until they are more than 15 years old, unless exposed to unusually severe weather conditions. In cold climates, snow guards and a ridge venting system may be necessary.

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